About Doc's Oils

I created Doc's Oils 5 years ago and did extensive research on dogs and mange mites, skin allergies,  yeast infection in the dog. Got tired of seeing a few of my dogs skin and coat issues so I formulated a natural herbal healing oil with zero chemicals added to heal and kill mange mites, rashes, hot spots, fungal rashes, bully bumps, ringworm, ear mites, repels and kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that cause the dreaded heart worms by contact. My oil is formulated with several herbal oils to provide fast relief in the healing process.  For mange mites I suggest the entire kit. Kit consist of the following: 16oz bottle of Doc's Oils,  2 x Ivo-Max shots,  4oz bottle of Doc's shampoo and Doc's immune system booster supplement for building a healthier immune system. For Rashes, itchy skin, fleas and ticks, bully bumps ringworm,  hot spots and fungal rashes I  recommend you order Doc's Oils and Shampoo pack.

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